Who We Are

CRG Solutions has been helping organizations transform the way they work by effectively implementing business software and information solutions. We are an internationally recognized business consulting firm specializing in enterprise resource planning, corporate performance management, business intelligence, financial and costing principles, shared services and employee performance management.

Our Head Office is located in the heart of Pune City and we have offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru & Gurgaon. Coming soon is also a dedicated delivery centre in Kolkatta to better serve the eastern regions.

CRG Solutions is very proud of its people. We have a team of hardworking people and individuals of high integrity who focus on doing the best for the customer every day. We have a highly skilled team of solution architects, analysts, programmers, developers, Visualization Architect, UI/UX Experts and administrators who really make the difference in the quality we deliver to our customers. Each team member of CRG Solutions is focused on providing strong results and building customer-driven relationships.

We are a Certified Partner and Implementer of Tableau, Alteryx, and the Atlassian suite. As an experienced software developer, we are committed to delivering innovation and practical solutions to drive better business performance.

Our Mission

Our clients trust us and consider us as their expert advisor on all performance related challenges. They are ready to give us references and talk to our prospects when the time is right. They know that we provide them with alternatives and solutions that give them the best value to them.

Improve Your Business & Create a Difference

Executive Dashboards

ATM cash outs reduced by 7% Executive dashboards rolled out for mobile device in 4 hours for Emerging Bank in India

Quality Imrovements

Quality Improvement by 31% reporting time, reduced in 3 days. SLA increased by 8% for one of top 3 electronics manufacturers in India