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Reduce Latency Time in Analytics with a Simple Drag and Drop User Interface

Analytics in different functions like sales, marketing, finance within an organisation, has typically been a slow process with multiple steps – right from acquiring data, to preparing it, merging it from virtually any base and any sources, analyzing it and finally publishing it for the benefit of the end user.

Alteryx Designer makes it easier by creating a repeatable workflow of self-serviced data analytics, reducing the latency time to just hours. It brings the steps of data prep, merging, and analytics into a single, intuitive graphical user interface without the need to perform or understand any type of coding.

Salient features of Alteryx Designer:

  1. Utilize data from various sources, including but not limited to data warehouses, clouds, and spreadsheets into the application and blend them with ease.
  2. Provide easy to use Predictive Analytics tools to analysts, validate the output and even enable them to create new custom predictive models.
  3. Run Spatial Analytics with a set of Spatial Analytics Tools available, and share the outputs to 3rd party tools such as Tableau.
  4. Prepare reports for decision makers from within the software. Commonly used file formats such as Microsoft Excel, PDF, XML are supported.


Collaborative Platform to Enhance Sharing of Data

More time is spent on searching for data than on actual analysis. At times, there is duplication of efforts in acquiring a data source simply because there is no way of knowing it. This leads to an overall reduction in efficiency of business critical functions that analysis can solve.

Alteryx Connect is a simple solution that helps reduce the overall time spent on the analytics function by bringing together all the resources to a single platform. It enables collaboration between the analysts within an organisation to reduce the redundancy in finding a data source that already exists.

Alteryx Connect uses powerful search capabilities to enable the discovery of existing information contained in different sources. Its front-end employs highly social tools that let your analysts learn from other users about the history and reliability of the data source.

Alteryx Connect works well as an add-on to Alteryx Server to enable a company-wide, stable and secure platform for sharing all data assets.

Alteryx Server

A Scalable Platform for all your Analytics Efforts

An analytics intensive organization needs a platform to handle the workload. Alteryx Server meets all the requirements of such a platform. It empowers the analysts to run data intensive applications on an IT friendly, safe and secure server architecture.

The server has the ability to serve an increasing number of users. The analysts can offload the data heavy functions to run on the dedicated machine and free up their desktops. Its inbuilt scheduling and automation capabilities allow for scheduling of analytics workflow execution, creating reports and refreshing data sets.

The single organization-wide server enables analysts across teams to collaborate more easily. With Alteryx Server, they can share data sets, workflows, and reporting using APIs and macros in a centralized, safe and secure way. An Alteryx API and Software Developer’s Kit enables you to build your own applications that meet the set of requirements for your business.

Analytical Governance

A concern that comes with an organization wide server is of access controls and information security. Alteryx Server handles the concern of IT governance with reporting, logging and auditing tools for a better access control. Another upside of a secure server is the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge of better uptimes and regular backups.




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