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With over 4,000 customers worldwide, CRG Solutions has established itself with expertise in business management, financial management, consulting and software development.We deliver solutions by leveraging practical experience in Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint,business intelligence, financial and costing principles, shared services, and employee performance management.

Maximising business productivity by leveraging high-end technology tools makes an organization immune to potential challenges of analysing data and executing strategies.

However, many organ izations are extremely stringent about technology selection ‘only’, and in turn, throw negligence upon the other prominent forces driving the organization. We, at CRG Solutions, understand that a collaborative
organizational approach is a key to taking an 
enterprise to supreme levels of success.

A sought-after Business Intelligence and Performance Management initiative, effectuated by our
skilled team of professionals, can shoot-up your organization’s business growth, thereby steeringinsightful measurements and decision support systems. Our entire gamut of services can be tracedto the automation of business processes, and are designed to bring into effect a fastercommunication strategy, an optimum involvement in strategic priorities and cutting-edge project completion rates, in your business unit. Our best practices and proven methodologies cut through complexities and help your bridge the gap between your business objectives and technical capabilities.

Our unique solutions like requirements discovery, solution design, project management, customizedupgrades and experienced guidance and advice help our clientele achieve long-term success.We ensure that all our clients receive clear communication, tailored one-on-one and get optimum
benefits of group training on top-notch software like Tableau, Atlassian, and Alteryx, backed witha dedicated ongoing support and maintenance of all systems and processes.

Tableau Training for Business Intelligence


Unleash the power of your most valuable assets using Tableau:


Data & People. CRG Experts have deep implementation expertise to help solve your business decision making challenges.

Featured Solutions

Helps people see & understand data. Makes databases & spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people through visual analysis of data.

Helps teams unleash their full potential through Project & Issue Tracking software, collaboration & content sharing, through its popular products Jira & Confluence.

Simplified analytics with Prep, Blend & Analyze All Of Your Data, Then Deploy & Share Analytics At Scale